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Author and Founder: Paul Henderson
BSc.(psychology), Dip (Hyp), Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling,
Personal Development Trainer, Coach,
NLP – Master Practitioner / Trainer,  Author


Paul is the founder of the United Kingdom Academy of Integrative Therapy (U.K.A.I.T.). After developing a profound interest in the mind / body connection, he spent a ten year period training in both the personal and transpersonal aspects of human development.

During the course of his degree he studied child development and social psychology. A growing interest in the psychodynamic strand of psychology (which holds the view that childhood experience shapes psychological development and relationships in adulthood), left Paul with a strong desire to investigate the mechanisms of the subconscious and unconscious minds; consequently, after attaining a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, he underwent a four year formal training period in psychodynamic counselling / psychotherapy. In addition, Paul has attained Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and Trainer level certification in NLP.

Paul ran a very busy private practice for many years; helping thousands of clients to identify, process and resolve their issues. Today, he concentrates on teaching and writing. He has written a number of books, including Alcoholic to Alchemist a self-help book for people experiencing  alcoholism, and a novel entitled In This World But Not Of IT.  For more information on these books click the following link:

Books by Paul Henderson

Paul also established ‘Alcoholic to Alchemist’. A unique 12 step philosophy for optimal living devised to help people address problematic alcohol consumption and the issues that arise from it. In 2015, Paul received lottery funding for this venture. Part of that money was used to construct an online resource. To view this resource click here

From a transpersonal perspective, Paul has studied the mechanisms of consciousness through the teachings of Vedic science, and attained his master / teacher degree in Reiki. In addition, he has travelled extensively conducting workshops and seminars on a wide variety of psychological and esoteric topics. His passion for the holistic approach to self development led to his first novel – In This World But Not Of IT – a parable that integrates the domains of mind, body and spirit, into a compelling adventure.


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