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Paul HendersonAuthor, Speaker, Therapist and Founder of Alcoholic to Alchemist

Paul Henderson once drank two bottles of spirits a day, plus anything else he could lay his hands on. As his habit progressed, this included surgical spirits, methylated spirits, and after shave.

Homeless, penniless, and desperate, he spent his nights on a rat-infested railway embankment. The extent of his deterioration was shocking: emaciated body, yellow complexion, eyes sunken, jittery and unkempt. At twenty five years of age, the former fun-loving entertainer resembled an old man – bereft of meaning and Paul-Alcoholic 01emotionally bankrupt.

His constant battle with alcohol and the fear, futility, guilt, and paranoia it evoked, finally became too much. Paul took a lethal cocktail of painkillers and alcohol, only to have his life saved by the swift response and expertise of hospital staff. Death seemed imminent: almost welcoming. The destructive force that possessed him was relentless, intent on propelling him towards a liquid last supper.

Paul Henderson (Founder)
Paul Henderson (Founder)

Today, Paul is an inspirational speaker and author who embraces the infinite possibilities that life has to offer.  At fifty-five years of age he is in the pinnacle of health. On reaching rock bottom, a powerful force emerged from the depths of his psyche and led him on a journey of radical transformation: this force he refers to as the archetypal alchemist. Alchemy is the art of transforming one’s mental and emotional debris into the invaluable treasures of insight, inspiration, motivation, direction, prosperity and abundance: Alchemy promotes life.

As a result of implementing this programme, Paul experienced a radical shift in consciousness: a profound awakening. Subsequently, he pledged to develop and document his powerful antidote to alcoholism. Eighteen years of dedication and continuing development on a personal and transpersonal level has culminated in this much needed resource.

The information herein is not designed solely to liberate you from the clutches of alcoholism, although it will certainly do that if you adhere to the suggested principles, it is designed to enable you to reach your true potential and transform your life beyond recognition.

Alcoholism is a mind-set; a destructive way of thinking, the answer to which is a profound shift in consciousness. The Alcoholic to Alchemist programme combines ancient wisdom, thought-provoking philosophy, and practical psychology in a way that educates, inspires, encourages, enlightens, empowers and evokes an incredible shift in thinking. If you are struggling with alcohol and seek answers, then come and join the ever-growing number of people who have transformed their lives the Alcoholic to Alchemist way.



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