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There are many reasons why a person with an alcohol habit should stop consuming alcohol. There are NO reasons why they should continue to drink. LIFE IS FANTASTIC WITHOUT DRINK.. Trust me, I used to drink two bottles of spirits a day, plus anything else I could lay my hands-on. After 20 years of sobriety I realised the only thing I gave up was heartache, misery, poverty and destruction… What did I gain? A magical life that’s full of possibilities

15 Reasons to stop drinking


For years I adhered to the belief that alcoholism is an illness. In the early days of sobriety it helped. Instead of thinking I was a bad person trying to get good, I believed I was a sick person trying to get better – this relieved the awful guilt I felt on a daily basis. However, as I developed myself, I realised that the illness and disease model of alcoholism was self-defeating and disempowering. When we tell ourselves we are ill, we tell our unconscious mind that we cannot help what is happening to us – ‘I’m ill or sick’ we declare. This couldn’t be further from the truth, our FATE IS NOT DOWN TO DESTINY, IT’s DOWN TO CHOICE!

Understanding Alcoholism



Alcoholism isn’t something we’ve been afflicted with; it is not something that has been unwittingly thrust upon us; it is not a process by which we are enslaved to a substance; it is not an illness; it’s not a state of powerlessness: it is a HABIT. By definition, rather than being something we are powerless over, a habit is something we have formulated: something we have taught ourselves to do. If we have taught ourselves to do it, then, unequivocally, we have the power to change it.


A habit is something we have taught ourselves to do;

if we have taught ourselves to do something,

then, unequivocally, we have the power to change it.


What is Alcoholism?



The Abreactive Threshold is a phenomenon whereby alcohol ceases to contain your mental pollution and it comes flooding from the unconscious to the conscious with the might of a tsunami.

Once compromised, there is no reverse engineering – the invisible line has been crossed and you and drink remain incompatible for life.

Crossing the Line



Now that alcohol has ceased to MASK your problems, you need a new strategy. Let’s start with the following acknowledgement:

The best way to escape our problems is to solve them!’

Escape Your Problems by solving Them



There is an aspect our yourself that knows the right response to every conceivable situation: your Higher Self. Allow life to unfold from your inner wisdom.

Communing With Your Inner Wisdom or Higher Power



There are two ways to live: consciously and unconsciously – awake or asleep. When we live unconsciously we are entranced by conditioning; oblivious to the reasons why our lives aren’t working. We repeat the same routines day-in, day-out; make the same mistakes over and over again; and re-act to the same situations time and time again – but we never ask questions. Why is life this way? What am I doing wrong? What can I change to progress? We never consciously challenge our actions. We carry on oblivious, regardless of the consequences.

To live consciously we must heighten our awareness and catch ourselves in the process of re-acting. Every time we interrupt a conditioned response, we break a shackle that binds us and move one step closer to our true potential. 

Live Life Consciously



                       “In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play”                       Friedrich Nietzsche

“Like a forgotten fire, a childhood can always flare up again within us”  Gaston Bachelard

Inner Child



Remember you innate goodness and Learn to Love Yourself

Positive Inventory



Are you aware of the different stages of alcoholism? this video will heighten your awareness and give you a deeper understanding of the processes involved.

The Six Stages of Alcoholism





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