Hypnotherapy Audio Files

The audio files below are primarily aimed at assisting people on our Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma. However, they are available for anyone to listen too. Simply click the start button underneath the title of the file:  

  1. Explanation of the Conscious and Unconscious Mind

2. The Prime Directives of the unconscious Mind

3. Swish Pattern

4. Phobias 

5. Fast Phobia Technique – also called Visual / Kinaesthetic Dissosciation

6. Suppression and Repression

7.  Systematic Desensitization

8.  Hypnosis: Precautionary Advice

9. How to Perform  Self-hypnosis

10.  Warnings About Self-Hypnosis

11.  Fear and Panic Management 

12. Progression and Regression

13. Submodalities 

14. Modalities and Submodalities

15. Post Hypnotic Suggestions

16. Parts Integration

17. Future Pacing

18. Aversion Therapy

19. Abreaction

20. Maintaining Professionalism

21. Legal and Ethical Issues


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