Foundation Course Curriculum

Duration: 10 weeks

No Previous Experience Needed

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Week 1:  Introduction

Introduction to Hypnosis

History of hypnosis

Common misconceptions

Every day forms of hypnosis

Hypnoidal states

Trance states

The 6 depth stages in hypnosis

Four criteria for judging depth of trance


Week 2:  Session Structure

Induction process

Induction methods

Closing a session

Direct/Authoritative vs. Indirect/Permissive

Complete session script


Week 3:  Effective voice usage

Embedded Commands

Maximizing the effects of intonation and voice emphasis

Incorporating distractions


Week 4 – Recap

Watch and Discuss Training DVD


Week 5: Components of the Mind

Freud’s Structural Theory

The Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious Minds


Week 6

Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind


Discuss Assignment 1


Week 7

Precautions and Safety Mechanisms

Suppression, Repression and Abreaction

Dealing with abreaction

Legal and Ethical Issues


Week 8

Modalities and Sub-Modalities

Safety aspects of Sub-modality manipulation


Week 9

Methods of Self Hypnosis

Indirect language script

How To Perform Self hypnosis


Week 10

Demonstrations and Review


Times and Duration

Please note: we are currently only running the foundation course as an integrative part of the diploma. Courses in Liverpool are run one night a week. Courses in Rhyl, 1 weekend a month.

2016 completely full

Next courses with availability begin January 2017:

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