FAQ Hypnotherapy Courses

Is the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Accredited?

Yes, the course is accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC)ghsc logo (accredited training) - RGB - web

visit:  http://www.general-hypnotherapy-register.com/



Can I join the General Hypnotherapy Register? When you graduate, you can enrol on the General Hypnotherapy Register

visit: http://www.general-hypnotherapy-register.com/


What is clinical Hypnotherapy?  Clinical Hypnotherapy means using advanced methods of hypnosis and other techniques to treat a variety of medical and psychological problems.


What are the costs?  UKAIT has an ethical policy to make the cost of their courses accessible to all. Therefore the cost of the Diploma in clinical Hypnotherapy is set at  £795 per year  ( one year part-time course)


Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, you can pay an £195 deposit and £100 per month for 6 months.
How many students are in a class?
The maximum number of students is  usually 8 per class.
Are all course materials included?

UKAIT provides all course materials (e.g. handouts, PowerPoint displays, videos, audio files, etc.). We also have a small library available to students.

We ask you to bring a USB memory stick with at least 8GB of storage capacity to store the large array of course materials. In addition,  you will need paper, pens and any other stationary that will aid your studying.

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