Celebrating Success

Record your successes. When you reach a milestone in your sobriety. Leave a comment or email us with your name and a short message and we will display it below.


One month +

Lorraine D– phew! made it

Paula B– bit wobbly but managed a month

Graham W – never got past a week before but one month today….

Ian W – 5 months and life’s so much better 🙂

Helen P – 2 months and counting!

John D – not easy, but worth it: 4 months tomorrow…

Henry M – 3 and a bit months 🙂

Roger W – just made two months. things are looking up.

Paul S – 3 months – the book I downloaded from this site has given me the extra help

Graham F – Let’s do this together people! Four weeks today for me, and feeling good

Roger C – Get on the programme – 5 months for me…

Gary C – Only one month but a big  achievement considering my history..

Robert S – 2 months for me – never got past a week before this site appeared!

Doreen T – One month for me guys, i feel like i’m one of this big family now!


Six Months +

Gerrard P– 6 months today!

Harry – Come on people, we can do this! coming up to nine months..

Gloria T – Up and down but I made 11 months

Billy S – glad to be away from all that mayhem! 6 months..

Dave T – Seven months. What a rollercoaster but still sober 🙂

David F – 7 months today – so happy 🙂

Steve R – 11 months. Can’t wait for a whole year!

Joe C – just approaching 8 months…

Pauline R –  10 months. Not easy, but so well worth it!

Brian M – I’ve had my life back for 9 months now!

Reg H – I’m not just existing , I’m finally living – 7 months today

One Year +

Gary D –  1 year today: chuffed!

Robbie F – 2 years success after following the Alcoholic to Alchemist philosophy

Ben T – 4 years. what a result!….  

Gordon F – Life just gets better and better!!.. 8 years sober..

Nancy B – Nine years and counting 🙂

Greg T – 3 years!!

John C – Seven years. Upwards and onwards

Peter N – 3 years and 4 months!!!!

Joe T – 7 years that i would never have had if I’d continue to drink! 

Bernie R – Five years and a bit. Don’t miss drink at all. You can feel wonderful without it!


Ten Years +

Jason R – 16 years:  keep it up people this thing is possible…

Bert K – just coming up to 14 years: we don’t need drink for a great life

Paul G – My first decade sober. Look forward to the second one.

Josie C – Seventeen years 🙂

Dot M – Fourteen years.. life’s superb!!

Paul B – Thirteen years and a much happier life 🙂

Beryl B – Fifteen years. Great family, great job, great friends – what a turnaround…

Sandra B – 16 years and enjoying everyday!….

Paul D – 19 years and counting; it’s a great life without the ale….

Twenty years +

Steve H – 23 years and what a life I’ve had since getting sober

Barry L – 28 years. Getting old but loving life sober!…

Gerry A – 20 years today

Paula D – 22 tomorrow… it can be done!

John T – 24 years for me, but it’s today that counts!

Fred W – 27 years and getting younger every day!

Thirty years +

Nora A – 33 years sober and 72 years old today!

Frank W – 36 years today – getting old!

Ron G – 31 years and what an excellent life!

Nora H – 38 years – and enjoying every day



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