Alcoholism and the Family

Alcoholism has a devastating impact on the family. Family members watch helplessly as they watch someone they love turn into a  total stranger. Are we to blame? Why won’t they stop? Can’t they see what’s happening to them? They ask. In an attempt to cover up the dilemma and appear ‘normal’ to the outside world, they often collude with the drinker: cover for them, make excuses or pretend nothing is wrong. Doing what’s best is extremely challenging, because, ultimately, they cannot do anything. Most, however, don’t recognise this and become consumed with ‘FIXING’ the drinker. Unfortunately, this never works; it simply results in frustration, heartache, and their own deterioration. The following interviews took courage and honesty.  Wendy Arnold and Brenda Henderson (Mother of the Founder Paul) speak candidly about their experiences, relaying a deep insight into what life is like being a close family member of someone who is experiencing alcoholism. Alcoholic to Alchemist  would like to express their gratitude to these two courageous ladies.

Wendy Arnold – A Beloved Sister

Brenda Henderson – A Dedicated Mother

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