Step Five

Live Life Consciously



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To embrace your true potential the foundation of your new life must be structured in accordance with the concepts, ideas, notions, attributes and qualities that are of most importance to you i.e. your core values. Living in accordance with the expectations of other people or adhering to the indoctrinated standards of society is a recipe for discontentment and stagnation.


‘Most People are other people.

Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions,

Their lives a mimicry,

Their passions a quotation.’

Oscar Wilde


This planet is full of unfulfilled clones who trudge drearily from day-to-day doing what society expects of them. Like programmed robots they follow the herd, afraid to step out of the confines of ‘normality.’ They stick at jobs they cannot abide, because ‘it pays the bills.’ They stay in relationships that have long since stagnated because it’s safe and all they have ever known. Their dreams and aspirations have been reduced to distant memories. What a sad way to live! But, more importantly for the person with a destructive alcohol habit, these examples of stagnancy, unhappiness, and discontentment warrant escape – need I say anymore?

You are unique. Your needs are unique. Your talents are unique.

When you were young, you were not afraid to dream and aspire to fulfil your dreams. Just the thought of what you were going to do with your life energized you. Remember the magic of those days; that wonderful feeling of exhilaration brought about by contemplating your aspirations. What happened? In short, you became subject to the hypnosis of society; cloned by the conformists. All your dreams and aspirations simply faded into the abyss. Well it’s time to reclaim that youthful exuberance. Come on – wake up! Feel that sense of excitement building again! It’s time to inject vibrancy and adventure back into your life!

By allowing your life to unfold in accordance with what truly inspires you, you will start to live abundantly instead of merely existing. You will re-ignite that magical zest you had as a child and be propelled into a dimension of existence in which your dreams and aspirations come alive.

The first step on this journey is to re-acquaint yourself with the things you treasure; things that make your heart leap and your pulse race; things that fill you with joy and excitement; things that are deeply meaningful to you. Such things are core values and they will lay the foundation for a new life; an era in which you will reclaim your rightful heritage as creator and inventor; an era in which you will express your uniqueness and be joyous and free.

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
George Bernard Shaw


Be S.M.A.R.T. Give Structure to your Goals.

Setting and implementing goals that act as stepping stones to the realization of your life’s purpose is a wonderful experience. Not only does it engage your mind and orient it towards your destiny, it breathes life back into the very core of your being. Humans thrive on achievement; it bolsters self worth and radically increases momentum to achieve other goals. Most of all, it purges the mind of any residual negativity and supplants it with inspiration and enthusiasm.


Giving structure to your ideas is imperative. Vague and abstract notions fade away quickly; whereas a concrete plan gives your mind something tangible to grasp on to. When your mind embraces an idea, it acts as a servomechanism to steer you towards its fulfilment.

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