Step Eight – Part B


Master Your Mind – Don’t Let Your Mind Master You

Every thought we think has the potential to leave an imprint on our unconscious. Self-talk and the continuous stream of messages we internalise from other people, translate to inner dialogue which leaves imprints on our unconscious. Anything that programmes our unconscious mind in such a way is an affirmation.

An affirmation is a statement which leaves an imprint on our unconscious mind

The accumulation of imprints on our unconscious mind forms the infrastructure of our belief system. Beliefs arise from internalising information that we consider to be true. It is important to realize, however, that truth is subjective and transient; what is true for one person may be false for another, and what you held to be true yesterday may be deemed as false today. As a consequence, our belief system needs to be frequently re-evaluated to see if it supports our current view of life. Outdated and maladaptive beliefs are often responsible for dysfunction.

The repetitious bombardment of negativity on our minds often leads to imprints that promote low self-esteem and pessimism. When internalised, negative messages fuse together and give birth to a sub-personality which I refer to as the internal saboteur – a confluence of thoughts and feelings intent on self- sabotage. However, as speech was the medium through which we originally negatively programmed ourselves, we can reverse engineer the process by using self-talk to re-programme our mind. In this way we become better aligned with our true nature.

Use the following audio exercises to reprogamme your mind:




“Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead, that is where your                                                                      future lies.”                                                              Ann Landers







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